Are Toyota VVTi engines good?

The VVTi mechanism is not unique to the land cruisers. It’s pervasive across the whole lineup of toyota’s and has proven it’s worth reliability in power and gas efficiency. Look at the pros – more power and efficiency across the board. That’s not something to be taken likely for a heavyweight car like the Land Cruiser.

What is a Toyota VVTI engine?

VVT-i, or Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Toyota. The Toyota VVT-i system replaces the Toyota VVT offered starting in 1991 on the 5-valve per cylinder 4A-GE engine. The VVT system is a 2-stage hydraulically controlled cam phasing system.

Which is better VVTI or VTEC?

It is Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control with intelligence. … The VVTi only alters the timing while i-VTEC alters the timing as well as lift of the valves. Also, the VVTi technology works only on the intake valve. The i-VTEC on the other hand makes changes to both, the intake and the exhaust valves.

What is the advantage of dual VVTI?

Their latest application is Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligent) technology. The technology is a smarter ways that could make engine more efficient and more eco-friendly. The sistem is located on the cylinder head which is used as automatic time controller of the engine’s inlet and exhaust valves.

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What RPM does VVTI work?

When the engine is operating above 6000 rpm, the ECU activates an oil pressure switch which pushes a sliding pin under the slipper follower on each rocker arm. This in effect, switches to the high lobe causing high lift and longer duration.

What is Toyota’s best engine?

These Are the Top 10 Toyota Engines of All Time

  • 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six.
  • 1JZ-GTE Inline-Six.
  • 4A-GE Inline-Four.
  • 3S-GTE Inline-Four.
  • 4U-GSE / FA20 Flat-Four.
  • 1LR-GUE V-10.
  • 7M-GTE Inline-Six.
  • 2ZZ-GE Inline-Four.

What does VVTI stand for?

Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today the development of its new “Variable Valve Timing-intelligent” (VVT-i) technology, which increases performance and fuel economy.

Is Mivec the same as VTEC?

VTEC and mivec are just systems that enable a car to use 2 cam profiles on the same shaft. … Just a system. They are NOT magic power adders.

Are VVT engines good?

There are many benefits to using VVT and virtually no drawbacks. One benefit is an increase in maximum engine speed (and therefore more peak power) – as much as a 25% increase. … The exhaust gas recirculation reduces the amount of fuel needed to run the engine and therefore boosts the all-important MPG number.

Is VVT the same as VTEC?

VVT and VTEC are the same thing. Honda name it differently for marketing purpose. VVT and VTEC are valve control system. So basically, they control the opening of engine valves depending on the power needed.

What is the best oil for VVTI engines?

Premium oil Helix Ultra 5W-30 It is for those who want the maximum care of the engine of your car. It is recommended for Corolla 1.6 VVTi (P) (2002-) It is the best thing that you can indulge in your car TOYOTA.

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What is the difference between EFI and VVTI engine?

EFI refers to fuel injection, and VVTI refers to valve train operation. The two are only coincidental to the operation of gasoline engines. EFI worked just fine on pre VVTI engines, and VVTI would work fine on carburated engines.

What cars have VVT engines?

Following is a list of terms used by each automaker to denote an engine with VVT technology:

  • Alfa Romeo – Twinspark technology.
  • Audi – VVT.
  • BMW – Valvetronic, VANOS and Double VANOS.
  • Ford – Variable Cam Timing.
  • GM – Double Continuous Variable Cam Phasing (DCVCP), Alloytec and Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
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