Frequent question: What does Toyota tow package include?

*Tow Package: Towing hitch receiver, 4.300 rear axle ratio, TOW/HAUL Mode switch, Integrated Trailer Brake Controller, transmission fluid temperature gauge, supplemental engine oil cooler, supplemental transmission cooler, heavy-duty battery, 170-amp alternator and 4/7-pin connector.

What is the Toyota tow package?

With the available V6 Tow Package, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma can tow up to 6,800 pounds. The Tow Package comes with the 4/7-pin connector that sits cleanly inside the three-piece bumper so you can haul things out without any snags.

What does a tow package include?

In most cases, a factory-installed towing package will include a hitch platform, engine and transmission cooling, trailer towing wiring harness, and a strong frame for mounting the hitch. Manufacturers can also add rear-end gearing, upgraded alternator and battery, and towing circuitry for the trailer lights.

What does Toyota Tundra tow package include?

Learn More About The Tow Package On The Toyota Tundra

This comprehensive package includes a supplemental engine oil cooler, supplemental transmission cooler, heavy-duty battery, 170-amp alternator and 4-/7-pin connector 4.300 rear axle ratio, TOW/HAUL Mode switch and Integrated Trailer Brake Controller.

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Does tow package include brake controller?

While the seven-pin plug wiring is there, often there is no trailer brake controller installed in an SUV. … This makes connecting the wires a breeze, and typically all that is needed is an adapter to fit the brake controller and vehicle plugs.

How do I know if I have a towing package?

Towing capacity formula

Find out curb weight (on VIN sticker). … Subtract this number from your vehicle’s GCWR ( you may have to look this up using your VIN if it’s not on the door sticker). This is your max towing capacity. Check to make sure the hitch can also handle this weight.

How much does it cost for a tow package?

For instance, some cars have no-drill installation, while others require drilling to make room for the tow hitch. You can expect hitch installation to start around $100 and go up to $800. Keep in mind, that you’ll also have to buy the tow hitch and other parts separately (which can easily run you another $150–$200).

Can you add a tow package to an SUV?

While it is possible to add a tow hitch to just about any vehicle, the most capable towing SUVs can be fitted with a tow package (either factory- or dealer-installed) at the time of purchase. Robust body-on-frame SUVs generally come with higher tow ratings, but even some unibody crossovers arrive equipped to tow.

Does a tow package increase towing capacity?

False. The towing capacity of your trailer hitch does not override your maximumvehicle manufacturer assigned capacity ratings. However, upgrading your trailer hitch maximizes the towing capabilities of your vehicle and avoids any limitation set by your factory hitch ratings.

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How do I know if I have max trailer tow package?

If it says: “Load Leveling”, you have MAX TOW. If it says “Heavy Duty”, you have the 535 package.

Which Toyota Tundra model is best for towing?

What’s the 2020 Toyota Tundra’s Maximum Towing Capacity? The highest tow rating for the 2020 Tundra is 10,200 pounds in the two-wheel-drive double cab with the 6.5-foot bed in the SR or SR5 trims.

Does my Toyota Tundra have a tow package?

Look for a button beneath the air conditioner control panel marked “Tow/Haul.” This is the button Toyota recommends pushing when you are towing a trailer. If your Tundra has the button, it has a tow package. If it does not, the Tundra does not have a tow package.

How do I know if my Tundra has a tow package?

Without even having to open the hood of the truck, look through the grill of the truck. If there is a smaller, secondary radiator about 12-15 inches tall, and about 9 inches wide on the PASSENGER side of the truck, you most definitely have the tow package. This is the best way to tell on a Tundra.

Can you tow a trailer with electric brakes without a controller?

The answer is, no. Electric trailer brakes do not work without a brake controller. If your trailer is equipped with electric brakes, you will need a brake controller to tow. … These are a hydraulic braking system that uses the trailer’s own weight and momentum to actuate the brakes.

How do I know if my trailer has electric brakes?

If you have electric brakes there will be wires (usually blue) going into the wheel hubs. There should also be a device about the size of a cigarette pack mounted on the tongue. A wire protrudes from it and this wire should be connected to the frame of the TV when towing.

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