How much is Toyota Matrix Tokunbo in Nigeria?

No. Toyota Matrix model years Tokunbo prices
1 Toyota Matrix 2005 price in Nigeria ₦700,000 – ₦1,200,000
2 Toyota Matrix 2009 price in Nigeria ₦2,900,000 – ₦3,100,000
3 Toyota Matrix 2004 price in nigeria ₦2,000,000 – ₦1,850,000
4 Toyota Matrix 2006 ₦1,700,000 – ₦2,700,000

How much does a Toyota Matrix cost?

The Toyota Matrix is a hatchback. Inventory prices for the 2013 Matrix range from $7,419 to $15,023. It gets EPA-estimated 23-29 MPG combined.

How much is a Toyota Matrix 2005 worth?

2005 Toyota Matrix Value – $632-$3,422 | Edmunds.

How much is Toyota Picnic Tokunbo in Nigeria?

Updated Toyota Picnic Price in Nigeria

No. Toyota Picnic Model Years Tokunbo Prices
1 Toyota Picnic 2005
2 Toyota Picnic 2008
5 Toyota Picnic 2003 ₦1,850,000 – ₦2,700,000
8 Toyota Picnic 2007 ₦2,500,000 – ₦2,700,000

How much is a 2003 Toyota Matrix?

2003 Toyota Matrix Retail Prices

Trim MSRP Invoice
FWD $15,155 $13,568
XR AWD $18,930 $16,691
XR $16,665 $14,641
XRS $19,235 $16,968

Why was Toyota Matrix discontinued?

On August 5, 2013, Toyota announced that it would end production of the Matrix for the US market after the 2013 model year due to declining sales, and that there were no plans to replace it with another vehicle. … The Matrix was then discontinued in Canada and was not offered for the 2015 model year.

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How many miles will a Toyota Matrix last?

without a doubt the most reliable engine ever built. If the maintenance schedule was followed from new, a Matrix should last well over 300k miles. Mine still looks good and is still fun to drive.

Is the 2005 Toyota Matrix a good car?

The Toyota Matrix is a solid, dependable, versatile and economical car that, if you take care of it, will serve you well for many years. Love how it handles, and how it looks! It is so much fun to drive you forget its a sensible car! And with seats folded down, it holds a.

What is a 2004 Toyota Matrix worth?

2004 Toyota Matrix Value – $448-$2,380 | Edmunds.

How much is Toyota cars in Nigeria?

What are Updated Toyota Price in Nigeria?

No. Popular Toyota cars Nigerian-used
1 Toyota Camry ₦290,000 -₦15,500,000
2 Toyota Corolla ₦600,000- ₦20,500,000
3 Toyota Highlander ₦1,450,000 – ₦36,000,000
4. Toyota Sienna ₦1,100,000 – ₦6,900,000

Is Toyota Picnic a good car?

In user reviews Toyota Picnic received average grade 8.8 (from 10), which is good rating, on average cars of this age are rated only 7.6. All authors of reviews would recommend Toyota Picnic to the friend.

Is the Toyota Matrix the same as a Corolla?

What was new with the Toyota Matrix. The Matrix’s official name was actually the Toyota Corolla Matrix, and this naming scheme gives away the fact that the Matrix is very similar to the Corolla in many ways. But Toyota wouldn’t create a new car just to sell the Corolla all over again.

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Is a 2003 Toyota Matrix a good car?

Toyota Matrix Change Vehicle

Notable shortcomings are a flawed driving position and a noisy engine. Overall, the Matrix offered a good and practical alternative to a small SUV.

Is the Pontiac Vibe the same as a Toyota Matrix?

The Pontiac Vibe is a compact car that was sold by Pontiac from 2002 to 2010. It was jointly developed by General Motors along with Toyota, who manufactures the mechanically similar Toyota Matrix.

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