What does PCS mean in Toyota?

Pre-collision System (PCS) PCS uses a camera and laser radar to detect objects ahead of the vehicle. When the system determines there is a possibility of collision it prompts the driver to brake with an audio and visual alert. If the driver notices the hazard and brakes, the system provides additional braking force.

What does PCS warning light mean?

PCS warning light

Indicates a malfunction in the Pre-Collision System.

What is PCS on Toyota Camry?

Many Toyota vehicles offer the Pre-Collision System (PCS) — one of the features in the Toyota Safety Sense suite of driver-assistive technologies. The system utilizes a forward-facing radar and camera to scan the road ahead to help drivers avoid a potential frontal collision in certain situations.

How does Toyota pre-collision system work?

The Toyota Pre-Collision System works by using a front-facing camera and laser to detect objects in your path and alert you when it’s time to brake. If necessary, it can even bring your vehicle to a complete stop automatically.

What is PCS in Land Cruiser?

PCS button (Pre Colision System) | Land Cruiser Club.

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Why is my pre-collision light on?

Warning light/details: Pre-Collision System warning light Indicates a malfunction in the Pre-Collision System. The warning light will operate as follows, even when the system is not malfunctioning: The light will flash quickly when the system is operating. The light will turn on when the Pre-Collision System is …

Which Toyota has blind spot?

The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) comes standard on the 2019 Camry XSE V6 and is part of an optional package on the Camry LE model.

What does Toyota TSS stand for?

Packed with active safety features, Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS) 88 is designed to help protect you and your passengers, and comes standard on many new Toyotas. Scroll down to see TSS in action.

What is BSM on Toyota?

What is a Blind Spot Monitor? The Blind Spot Monitor alerts the driver if someone is in their blind spot or if someone is coming up behind your vehicle when you start to reverse, a warning light will flash in your mirror and it will also make a beeping sound.

What is PCS warning light Toyota Chr?

Indicates a malfunction in the Pre-Collision System (PCS). When the warning light illuminates: Indicates that the PCS is temporarily unavailable, possibly due to either of the following: An area around the radar sensor or camera sensor being dirty or covered with condensation, ice, stickers, etc.

How do I disable pre-collision?

The Pre-Collision Assist System cannot be disabled, but you can choose to disable the Active Braking feature. From the Settings menu, select Driver Assist > Pre-Collision.

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What does a collision warning system do?

A forward collision warning (FCW) system is an advanced safety technology that monitors a vehicle’s speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of it, and the distance between the vehicles. If vehicles get too close due to the speed of the rear vehicle, the FCW system will warn that driver of an impending crash.

How does pre-collision braking work?

When the Pre-collision Braking System is activated, if the system detects that driver’s braking input is simply insufficient, the system can increase the braking force automatically. These functions operate when the speed difference from a leading car or object is less than 50 km/h, or 35 km/h (*2) for a pedestrian.

What year did Toyota Safety Sense become standard?

First introduced in 2015, Toyota Safety Sense is the manufacturer’s flagship suite of safety innovations and technologies.

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