What is the cheapest Toyota you can buy?

The cheapest car Toyota sells at the moment is the Yaris sedan starting at just $16,605. If you are shopping for which Toyota cars have all-wheel drive, the list is extensive and includes the RAV4, Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser.

How much is a small Toyota car?

Prices of Small Toyota Cars

Model Toyota 86 Toyota GR Supra
Power 205 hp 255 hp
Engine 2.0L Flat 4 Gas 2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder Gas
Base Price $27,060 $40,000

Which Toyota car is the best to buy?

Best Toyota Vehicles in Our Rankings

  • 2020 Toyota Avalon – U.S. News Score: 8.3/10 | $35,875.
  • 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – U.S. News Score: 8.4/10 | $28,350.
  • 2021 Toyota Supra – U.S. News Score: 8.4/10 | $42,990.
  • 2020 Toyota Camry – U.S. News Score: 8.5/10 | $24,425.
  • 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid – U.S. News Score: 8.7/10 | $28,430.

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How much is Toyota cars in Nigeria?

What are Updated Toyota Price in Nigeria?

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No. Popular Toyota cars Nigerian-used
1 Toyota Camry ₦290,000 -₦15,500,000
2 Toyota Corolla ₦600,000- ₦20,500,000
3 Toyota Highlander ₦1,450,000 – ₦36,000,000
4. Toyota Sienna ₦1,100,000 – ₦6,900,000

What is a small Toyota car?

The 2020 Toyota Yaris ranks in the middle of the subcompact car class.

How much should I pay for a car?

According to the 36% rule, it isn’t wise to spend more than 36% of your income on loan payments, including car payments. Another rule of thumb says that drivers should spend no more than 15% of their monthly take-home pay on car expenses.

What is the most expensive Toyota car?

The most expensive new Toyota is the Landcruiser LC200 Sahara listed at $119,930.

What lasts longer Toyota or Honda?

Toyota cars also consistently last longer than any given Honda. According to Consumer Reports, Toyota is the third-most reliable automaker, with the Corolla listed as its most dependable model. Honda didn’t even make the top 10 in terms of average reliability.

What is the most reliable Toyota?

With the exception of 2001, the Camry has reigned supreme as America’s favorite car for every single year through 2018. For more than two decades, the Camry has ruled the space where dependability, reliability, and cost converge. No other dynasty in automotive history can compete.

What is the best year for Toyota?

The Best Model Year To Buy

If you’re trying to get the most affordable model, you’ll want to get the 2008 model due to its price of around $5,500. If you want a car that has excellent gas mileage, the 2009 Toyota Corolla will always get you there for less.

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Where can I buy cheap cars in Nigeria?

The car lots by Apapa-Tincan port in Lagos have become popular resorts for buying Tokunbo vehicles.

Some popular local auto-marts are:

  • Affordable cars ltd.
  • A. Okocha Motors.
  • Lanre Shittu Motors.
  • Nigerian cars for sale.
  • Banix Motors.
  • Carmudi.
  • Cheki Motors.
  • Cars45.

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How much is Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria?

Toyota Corolla: Versions & Fuel Economy

No Version Name Prices of Toyota Corrolla in Nigeria
1 Toyota Corolla L ₦12,686,590
2 Toyota Corolla LE ₦12,977,863.75
3 Toyota Corolla SE ₦14,272,413.75
4 Toyota Corolla XLE ₦15,566,963.75

How much is fairly used cars in Nigeria?

Prices of Nigeria Fairly Used Toyota Cars

Toyota Corolla 2000 – 2002 N900,000 – N1.3 million
Toyota Corolla 2013 – 2015 N5 million – N7 million
Nigeria Fairly used Toyota Camry price
Toyota Camry 1996 (Camry Orobo) N750,000 – N900,000
Toyota Camry 1997 – 2001 (Pencil) N1.1 million – N1.4 million

What are the best small cars?

Here our experts name the top 10 best small cars you can currently buy.

  • Hyundai i10. …
  • Mini 5-door hatch. …
  • Seat Ibiza. …
  • Ford Fiesta. …
  • Vauxhall Corsa. …
  • Audi A1 sportback. …
  • Renault Clio. …
  • Suzuki Swift. Like many cars on this list, the Suzuki Swift has a pretty spacious interior for such a small car.

What is the best small car for 2019?

  1. Seat Ibiza. Best small car for all-round excellence. …
  2. Ford Fiesta. Best car for driving fun. …
  3. Mini Hatchback. Best small car for performance and precise cornering. …
  4. Volkswagen Polo. Best small car for a premium feel. …
  5. Nissan Micra. Best small car for standard safety equipment. …
  6. Vauxhall Corsa. …
  7. Honda Jazz. …
  8. Skoda Fabia.
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What Toyota is smaller than a Corolla?

Below, we are going to compare the 2019 Toyota Yaris and the all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla. The Yaris sedan is a subcompact car while the Corolla is a compact.

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