Why is the Toyota 86 so expensive?

It’s only obtainable through 1 challenge, making it one of the most limited cars in the game. This is also because the GT86 differentiates itself from the brz by having the V8 swap from the 458. …

Is the Toyota 86 worth it?

The Toyota 86 is an OK sports car. It’s one of the most fun-to-drive cars in the class, as long as you don’t prioritize speed. Its four-cylinder boxer engine feels weak and unrefined, and the interior is spartan. The back seats are barely usable, and the trunk is small.

Is the Toyota 86 a reliable car?

In terms of reliability

The 86 boasts Toyota’s signature reliability, and the 2020 model earned top scores. Consumer Reports gave the 86 a perfect five out five rating for overall dependability. CR’s score is based on its testing across 17 potential trouble spots, including a vehicle’s engine, brakes, and drive system.

Is Toyota discontinuing the 86?

Subaru has confirmed to Car and Driver that it will not offer the BRZ for the 2021 model year, and Toyota says it will end production of the 86 this fall, meaning the new generation is coming. The second-generation sports cars should arrive next year, and here’s what we know about them so far.

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Is the Toyota 86 expensive to insure?

Get the cheapest quotes for your Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is a sports car that’s expensive to insure. The expected average cost of auto insurance for the Toyota 86 is $131 a month or $1,580 a year.

Is a Toyota 86 fast?

The top speed of the 86 is 140 mph. Along with its lightweight and aerodynamic design, the speed and acceleration of the Toyota 86 can be credited to its 2.0-liter Boxer 4-cylinder engine, which cranks out 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque.

Is a Toyota 86 a good daily driver?

It’s a low car, but not so low it’s a problem even if some driveways take more than than in say a Corolla, rear visibility is a little compromised, fuel economy is not great considering the size and weight – around 7-8L/100km and 98RON only – but none of that takes away from the fact that the 86 is a liveable daily …

Is a Toyota 86 a good first car?

If you wait a few years, the earliest BRZ models will depreciate even more and your insurance should be cheaper by then. If you want it get it, it’s a good fun car and as long as you keep on top of preventative maintenence and don’t treat the car like garbage like most young teens you’ll be fine.

Does Toyota 86 have Turbo?

After years of pleading from the public, Toyota and Subaru are finally giving the GR86 a turbocharger. Subaru’s 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer four-cylinder is the obvious candidate, retuned from SUV duty where it makes 260 hp and 277 lb-ft in the Subaru Ascent.

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Is BRZ better than 86?

The difference is in the styling and features. The 86 boasts a better starting price and higher predicted reliability rating. However, the BRZ takes the win for its more stylish cabin, higher fuel economy, and comprehensive list of dashboard technology.

Which is faster BRZ or 86?

The Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ are classified as sports cars, so it is natural to assume that they go fast and really fast indeed. Both the cars have similar engine performance figures, but the BRZ has a slight advantage over the 86 when it comes to suspension performance.

Can you drive a Toyota 86 in winter?

This car handles well on snowy roads, as long as you’ve got a good set of snow tires. … The traction control kicks in as soon as the rear starts to slide so as long as you are not driving like an idiot, or have it disabled the car handles like any other RWD car on ice.

Can I buy a Toyota 86 in America?

Toyota markets the sports car as the 86 in Asia, Australia, North America (from August 2016), South Africa, and South America; as the Toyota GT86 in Europe; as the 86 and GT86 in New Zealand; as the Toyota FT86 in Nicaragua and Jamaica and as the Scion FR-S (2012–2016) in the United States and Canada.

Is a Toyota Celica a sports car for insurance?

Toyota Celica insurance cost

Compared to the other Toyotas we surveyed, the Celica’s insurance rates are expensive relative to its cost. … This is likely because a Toyota Celica is considered a sports car for insurance companies, which are typically seen as more risky to cover.

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Are Toyota cars expensive to repair?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz were the most expensive to maintain over 10 years, according to the data. Toyota, on the other hand, was the most economical manufacturer, costing about $5,500 to maintain over a decade. … In addition to the Toyota models that fared well, Kia’s Soul and Honda’s Fit also had low maintenance costs.

Why is a Toyota Corolla so expensive to insure?

Theft ranking is most likely the other main contributor to this high cost. The number of cars that are stolen each year, and the subsequent claims for them, are what matters most to carriers. The Corolla is a popular car. It has ranked on Forbes’ list, America’s Most Stolen Vehicles, since 2008.

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