Frequent question: How many inches is a Toyota Corolla?

Dimensions in mm in inches
Length 4620 181.89
Width 1775 69.88
Height 1475 58.07
Wheelbase 2700 106.3

How long is a Toyota Corolla in inches?

2020 Toyota Corolla Specs & Features

Length 182.3 in.
Curb weight 2955 lbs.
Cargo capacity, all seats in place 13.1 cu.ft.
Ground clearance 5.1 in.

What is the length of a 2020 Toyota Corolla?

182,3 дюйма

What is the length of a 2010 Toyota Corolla?

178,7 дюйма

What is the length of a 2018 Toyota Corolla?

183,1 дюйма

How high off the ground is a Toyota Corolla?

Even though you wouldn’t use a Corolla for off-road adventures, you will often benefit when a car has good ground clearance. Everyday obstacles like potholes, puddles, and bumps can cause a car to bottom out and scrape. Corolla gives you a generous amount of ground clearance, 6.7 inches.

Is Toyota Corolla a good car?

The 2020 Toyota Corolla SE 6 speed manual is a great car with tons of safety features and lots of pep. The car is always reliable and gets above average fuel economy. The best car I’ve ever owned.

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Does 2020 Toyota Corolla have GPS?

Apple CarPlay (with Siri Eyes Free) integration is available, which is great, but Android Auto is unfortunately not offered.

How much horsepower does a 2020 Toyota Corolla have?

139 to 169 hp

Can a 55 inch TV fit in a Toyota Corolla?

Nine on Twitter: “You can fit a 55 inch TV in a Corolla”

What is the engine size of a Toyota Corolla 2010?

2010 Toyota Corolla/Двигатель

How many cylinders does a 2010 Toyota Corolla have?


What is the engine capacity of Toyota Corolla 2010?

Used 2010 Toyota Corolla Specs & Features

Base engine size 1.8 l
Horsepower 132 hp @ 6000 rpm
Turning circle 35.6 ft.
Valves 16

How many miles per gallon does a 2018 Toyota Corolla get?

Up to 30 city / 40 highway

How long is a 2017 Toyota Corolla?


How much horsepower does a 2018 Toyota Corolla have?

132 to 140 hp

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