How do you reset the T belt light on a 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser?

b) While pressing the trip switch, turn the ignition switch ON and hold it for 5 seconds. c) Release the trip switch, then press the switch again within 5 seconds. d) The digital display should change to T-belt mode.

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What does T belt light mean?

It is probable that it is just a mileage-activated warning, so really just a reminder. In that case the belt might have already been changed, but the reminder light not reset at that time. Or it could be some output from a sensor that is indicating a possible problem.

How do you reset the T-belt light on a LandCruiser?

Timing Belt Warning Indicator Reset Procedure For LandCruiser

  1. T-BELT MODE DISPLAY. a) With ignition turned ON, using the trip switch (select/reset button) change the display to ODO, and turn the ignition OFF. …
  2. REWRITING REPLACEMENT VALUES. While in the T-Belt mode, each press of the trip switch will change the displayed value by 10,000km increments. …

What is the meaning of T-belt light on a Toyota?

Toyota Year: 2008

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It’s just a reminder that it’s time for a new belt.

How do I turn my T belt light off?

Press and hold the odometer/trip display button whilst turning ignition on. Hold button down for 5 seconds then release button. Within 5 seconds, press and release the button. The display will show the reset value.

How do you reset the timing belt light on a Toyota Dyna?

In the display will appear “15”. Press the odometer button again for at least 5 seconds, and the release it. Switch ignition off. Turn on the engine, the “T belt” light should now be erased.

How do you reset the timing belt light on a 1999 Toyota Hilux?

The t-belt light can not be reset , “by pressing the little button on your speedo. (behind the glass, next to the trip reset button)” actually you must remove the speedo cluster to reset it at the back.

Does timing belt give warning?

Signs the timing belt may be failing

The timing belt can fail without any prior symptoms, so if you’re within the mileage window, you should go ahead and have it replaced regardless. That being said, sometimes your car will give you a bit of warning that the belt is wearing out.

How long can you go without changing your timing belt?

Depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle, mileage ranges for recommended timing belt replacement is anywhere from 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles and 6-10 years old. Our experienced Service Advisors and ASE Certified technicians can advise you as to when your car should have the timing belt replacement done.

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Can timing belt cause check engine light?

A malfunctioning timing belt will hurt engine performance and increase emissions. If this happens, the computer will turn on the check engine light.

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