How much does a 2014 Toyota Camry weigh?

What is the gross weight of a Toyota Camry?

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle specs reflect a typical 2018 Toyota Camry L 2WD 4D Sedan with Automatic 2.5L 203 HP 4 Cyl. Curb Weight3241 lbs. Cargo Capacity for Cars14.1 cu.

How many pounds is a Toyota Camry?

Used 2019 Toyota Camry Specs & Features

Curb weight 3340 lbs.
Cargo capacity, all seats in place 15.1 cu.ft.
Ground clearance 5.7 in.
Height 56.9 in.

How long will a 2014 Camry last?

A survey from Consumer Reports has stated that, with proper care, the Toyota Camry can last more than 200,000 miles.

How much is a 2014 Camry worth?

How Much Is the 2014 Toyota Camry? Prices for the 2014 Toyota Camry range from about $11,000 to just over $17,000, with an average price of around $14,000. This data comes from more than 1,200 listings for the 2014 Camry on our site.

Does 2020 Camry have spare tire?

A toyota camry does not come with a full size spare tire. most sedans need to save space with smaller spare tires.

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How roomy is a Toyota Camry?

Base models offer 14.1 cubic feet of room, while all other trims boast 15.1 cubic feet. Split-folding rear seats are standard in LE, SE, XLE, and XSE models. The Camry’s trunk is wide, but the trunk hinges impede the cargo area.

How much can a 2020 Camry tow?

The Toyota Camry packs a lot more power than you might think – the latest year model produces up to 268 horsepower and up to 248 lb-ft of torque. You know what that means? The Camry has some towing power! With a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds, the Camry can haul small loads.

Can you put a hitch on a Toyota Camry?

Trailer Hitch That Fits 2020 Toyota Camry There is a trailer hitch fit for a 2020 Toyota Camry, the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver #36643. This hitch will fit your Camry whether it is a singe exhaust, dual exhaust or even the hybrid model.

What size gas tank does a 2020 Camry have?

14.5 to 16 gal

What year Camry to avoid?

Used Toyota Camry Model Years To Avoid

There are three years of the used Toyota Camry you should simply not purchase. They are the 2007, 2008, and 2009 model year Camry cars. These cars have a known engine defect and you don’t want to own one.

Should I buy a Camry with 200k miles?

Get a good mechanic to check the car out. If the price is low enough, a 200k Toyota may have enough good miles left in it to be worth the occasional maintenance hassle. Not many cars are worth it at the 200,000 mile mark. … You need to say what the price is and the model.

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What year is the most reliable Camry?

As a whole, the Camry’s ratings over the years have been excellent. Since 2000, the Camry has gotten a perfect five-out-of-five rating 14 times: 2000, 2004-2006, and 2008-2017. For the other six years (2001-2003, 2007, 2018, and 2019), the Camry had a reliability verdict of four out of five, which is still great.

Are there any recalls on 2014 Toyota Camry?

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2014 Toyota Camry, Camry HV, Avalon, and Avalon HV vehicles equipped with 16-inch and 17-inch rims. In the affected vehicles, the left-side front suspension lower arm may have been incorrectly manufactured.

What is the Blue Book value of a 2014 Toyota Camry?

The 2014 Toyota Camry L sedan has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of just over $22,000, while the XLE V6 slips in slightly over $30,000. The Camry Hybrid LE starts around $26,000 and the premium XLE version starts below $28,000.

How much horsepower does a 2014 Toyota Camry have?

173 to 268 hp

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