Quick Answer: Which tires are best for Toyota Prius?

What tires are best for a Prius?

The Prius is so reliable that only two things need your attention constantly: the condition of the engine oil and the tires.

The Best OEM Tires for Toyota Prius

  1. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. …
  2. Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. …
  3. Michelin Premier A/S. …
  4. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus. …
  5. Firestone Weathergrip.

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Does a Prius need special tires?

Cars like the Prius, which are driven by people who know their mileage down to the second decimal place, use special, low-rolling-resistance tires. Low-rolling-resistance tires have specially formulated rubber that reduces rolling friction, and therefore, increases mileage.

How long do tires last on Prius?

Prius owners report that tires should last up to 60,000 miles. Proper maintenance is important if your tires are to last that long. Tire maintenance covers things such as wheel alignment and tire rotations.

What year is the most reliable Toyota Prius?

The 2013, 2014, and 2015 model years are proving to be some of the most reliable used Toyota Prius vehicles yet, with only 25, 16, and 18, owner-reported problems, respectively. Outside of newer model years, the Toyota Prius models with the least number of complaints may be surprising.

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What size tires does a Prius use?

The tire size for your Toyota Prius depends upon the year of manufacturer.

2018 Toyota Prius
Rim Size Tire Sizes Toyota Prius Options
15-Inch 195-65-15 FourOneThreeTwoTwo Eco
17-Inch 215-45-17 Four TouringThree Touring

What are the best tires for a 2010 Toyota Prius?

If you’re looking for the best all-season tires, two that will last long and provide a smooth and comfortable ride are the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring and Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus. These options are two of the best in class and will provide fantastic all-season traction.

Which brand of tires last the longest?

The longest lasting tires in Consumer Reports’ tests are the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. They claim 90,000 miles, and Consumer Reports estimates they’ll go 100,000. Consumer Reports says don’t expect to get all your money back if your tires wear out before the mileage warranty.

What size tires are on a 2015 Toyota Prius?

2015 Toyota Prius/Размер шины

What size tires are on a 2007 Prius?

2007 Toyota Prius/Размер шины

How many miles does a Prius get on a full tank?

What is the estimated fuel economy of the 2020 Toyota Prius?

Trim Level Fuel Tank Capacity Distance On One Tank of Gas
Limited 11.3 gallons 610.2 miles 565 miles 587.6 miles
LE AWD-e 10.6 gallons 551.2 miles 508.8 miles 530 miles
XLE AWD-e 10.6 gallons 551.2 miles 508.8 miles 530 miles

Does a Prius really save you money?

While most hybrid cars are fuel-efficient, the Prius tops the category for cost-effective hybrids with a whopping 50 combined mpg on city roads and freeways. … With a hybrid vehicle like the Prius, you stand to save on fuel economy despite inflation in gas prices.

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Toyota tyre pressure and size guide

Prius 195/65 R15 2.5 bar or 36 psi
Prius 215/45 R17 2.2 bar or 32 psi
Prius Plug-in 195/65 R15 2.5 bar or 36 psi
Prius Plug-in 215/45 R17 2.3 bar or 33 psi

Why you shouldn’t buy a Prius?

In general, Prius drivers tend to drive slower than others, which is a necessary part of getting good gas mileage. And since they bought the car for its fuel efficiency, that shouldn’t be a surprise. For people who need to get somewhere fast, that can be frustrating at best and insulting at worst.

What to know before buying a used Prius?

What You Should Be Concerned About The Most If You Buy a Used Toyota Prius

  • Toyota Prius Generation 1.
  • The traction battery.
  • The transaxle. …
  • The electric power steering. …
  • Toyota Prius Generation 2.
  • Traction battery 2, return of the battery. …
  • Inverter/Converter Coolant Pump Failure. …
  • Oil Consumption and rough start/stop.

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Why was Prius c discontinued?

The Toyota Prius c is in its last days. Toyota has confirmed to Autoblog that its smallest and cheapest hybrid, on sale since 2012, will be leaving the line-up to make way for the slightly larger and more frugal 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

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