Your question: What size speakers are in a 1998 Toyota Camry?

Speaker location Speaker sizes**
Front Door 6-1/2″
Rear Deck Corners 6×9″

What kind of speakers are in a Toyota Camry?

On higher trim levels like the XSE V6, the Toyota Camry has a lot of upgrades to its sound system. This Audio Plus sound system has JBL® speakers with Clari-Fi® technology. This audio system has nine speakers and a subwoofer amplifier with HD Radio™ as well. There are a lot of advantages to upgrading your sound system.

How much is a 1998 Toyota Camry LE worth?

1998 Toyota Camry Value – $448-$2,129 | Edmunds.

What size tire is on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

Toyota equips the 1998 Camry LE with a 195/70R14 tire.

Is 1998 Toyota Camry a good car?

The 1998 Toyota Camry is not a stylish car or one with great performance. However, it is extremely durable and dependable over many years of use. If maintained regularly the ’98 Camry will run smoothly every day, even during cold winter weather.

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What brand of speakers does Toyota use?

Designed specifically for Toyota, the JBL® 87 speaker system delivers cleaner, crisper and more dynamic sound behind the wheel.

What sound system does Toyota use?

Many of the 2019 and 2020 Toyota models include a JBL® audio system in their cabins to keep drivers entertained during every drive. The availability of JBL® audio depends on vehicle trim level for many Toyota models.

How many miles can a 1998 Toyota Camry last?

A survey from Consumer Reports stated that the Toyota Camry could last more than 200,000 miles with the proper care.

How many miles per gallon does a 1998 Toyota Camry get?

Up to 23 city / 32 highway

How much is a 1997 Camry worth?

1997 Toyota Camry Value – $386-$1,838 | Edmunds.

What size tires does a 1999 Toyota Camry have?

Toyota equips the 1999 Camry LE with a 195/70R14 tire.

What size tires does a 1997 Toyota Camry use?

The original tire size for your 1997 Toyota Camry is P205/65R15 92V.

What size tire does a Toyota Camry take?

2021 Toyota Camry/Размер шины

What year Camry to avoid?

Used Toyota Camry Model Years To Avoid

There are three years of the used Toyota Camry you should simply not purchase. They are the 2007, 2008, and 2009 model year Camry cars. These cars have a known engine defect and you don’t want to own one.

How many miles can a 1997 Toyota Camry last?

Id say expect 200-300k miles if you do regular maintenance and don’t beat on it too bad on the street.

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How many miles will Toyota Camry last?

You may also wonder how many miles can a Toyota Camry last? A survey from Consumer Reports has stated that, with proper care, the Toyota Camry can last more than 200,000 miles. The survey examined years of analysis, as well as reliability, road-test scores, and other ratings.

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